Structured Products
(Equity Linked)

Structured products are specialized funds that invest in a mix of equity and debt. Structured Products are designed to reduce the risk profile of their underlying assets such as equities or debt by combining it with derivatives. They can be customised based on investor’s requirements. Whilst they provide appealing alternative for portfolio management and risk control, they are very sophisticated in nature and investors need to understand the product carefully.

  • The option to customize them allows the adjustments based on risk, maturity, underlying assets and profitability to suit your profile.
  • Offers exposure to various asset class, sector and markets, based on the underlying assets.
  • They offer you a way to diversify your portfolio, depending on your needs – you could choose a conservative allocation if you have a low risk appetite; or an aggressive play if you are willing to take risks.

At Karvy Private Wealth, our team of experienced profession provides the solutions that are best suited as per your requirements and the risk profile you are ready to assume.

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