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Welcome to Karvy Private Wealth’s Financial Products Distributor Network

This is a journey that promises to be enriching and rewarding in every manner. KARVYs Distributor / IFA Network will make sure that your distribution practice gets a perfect start and achieves great heights of success. KARVYs Distribution Platform would ensure that your distribution practice stays ahead of the competition, always, and you remain best equipped to meet the challenges of the business practices, at any stage of growth. No doubt that today, Karvy distributors are far more successful and enjoy greater customer loyalty and satisfaction levels compared to the competition.

New Distributors/IFAs

Karvy’s Distributor Network offers a complete, end-to-end assistance related to distribution practice. For new/prospective distributors, there is a promise of continued support right from training and registration, to starting the business, establishing it firmly and scaling it up rapidly. Powered by the Distribution Platform, you would have access to the all the products, services and solutions to present yourself and function as a new age professional Financial Products Distributor in the trust sense.

Existing Advisors and Distributors

Existing financial advisors, distributors, insurance agents, equity brokers, tax advisors, and other professionals have a great opportunity to transform their existing business. The current financial services industry is dominated by traditional advisors and distributors. However, the market dynamics are changing and there is a growing demand for professional distributors who deal in various asset class products and offer value-added solutions. Associating with Karvy's Distributor Network will give you that opportunity to transform and expand your business. Powered by the Distribution Platform, you would have access to an all the products, services and solutions that your business may ever need. It will also equip you with the right tools to successfully face competition from traditional and institutional distributors.

Karvy Private Wealth Partner

  • Multiple Asset Classes + Products of all leading product providers as well as in-house products.
  • Unbiased approach in multiple asset classes and products.
  • Availability of great value-added services / online facilities. Less dependence on physical interaction.
  • Efficient in query resolution. High service standards.
  • Enjoys higher Customer conversions, Retention and Satisfaction levels
  • Focus on Customer satisfaction and business Growth.
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