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The Karvy Private Wealth HNI Business Segment focuses on providing wealth management solutions to High Net-worth Individuals with investments starting from INR50 lacs. Karvy Private Wealth offers the widest breadth of products and services, under the same umbrella. We also showcase various domestic and international products such as Private Equity, Portfolio Management Services, Equities, Debt Instruments, , Mutual Funds, among others.

Our expertise and solutions make the critical difference in helping high net worth individuals to access an array of products/services. Being neutral and putting client’s needs first, ensures our clients get wealth management solutions to manage their hard-earned money and reap the benefits from the investments.


Karvy Private Wealth's International Business team provides wealth management solutions to the high net-worth individuals who are based outside India (NRIs). We offer a suit of specialised services, including access to a wide range of products for investment, research backed and customised solutions. We enable our International Business clients to access an extensive array of investment options in equity, debt, international funds, real estate, commodities or insurance that will strengthen their portfolio.

KPW enables you to relax & enjoy your life. We will do everything to ensure that you get more out of life, while we provide you with latest updates so that your financial investments perform in the most optimal manner depending on your investment objectives & the investment classes you would want to invest in.

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