How and where did Indian investors invest their wealth? Did equity continue to hold sway or did the investors take to real estate? Did Indian investors park more funds in FDs than in mutual funds? What do the next five years hold for Indian investors?

Find out answers to these questions and many more fascinating insights into how individual wealth is invested in the country.


India has more millionaires than most countries in the Asia Pacific and the fastest-growing population of high net worth individuals anywhere in the world!


CAGR of individual wealth growth by 2023

392lakh Crore

The total individual wealth in India

Where did India’s affluent put their money?

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Direct Equity
FD &
FD & Bonds
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Savings Bank
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Mutual Funds

Key Findings


India is the fastest-growing wealth market in the world the HNWI population grew by about 20% as did theirwealth


Overall individual wealth in India grew by 14% to touch Rs 392 lakh crore


Indians are increasingly preferring financial assets to physical ones – investments in financial wealth grew 14%, and just 9% in physical assets


Equity continued its dominance, and overtook FDs & bonds as the preferred way to park wealth


Mutual funds & alternative assets showed a lot of promise –growing by 34.5% & 33.6% respectively


India has the fourth largest population of millionaires in the Asia Pacific region. The HNWI population expanded by 20.4% and their wealth grew by 21.6%