Equity Portfolio

Equity portfolio management services, are customised investment services which provide you with a professionally managed equity portfolio tailored to address your personal preferences and financial goals. Investment decisions pertaining to equities are tricky. It requires knowledge, experience and constant monitoring of stock markets. Our Equity Portfolio management service (PMS) is a 360-degree service for you; it helps you at each stage of investing and also ensures the profitability.

Those in the prime of their career or in the upper ranks of the corporate ladder may seek greater customization and diversification beyond mutual funds. Karvy’s equity portfolio management services are managed by experienced fund managers and offer an excellent balance between risk and returns. If you have an appetite for risk, Equity PMS is your answer.

  • Your portfolio is tailored after a thorough research backed by the expertise of the PMS team
  • An experienced team of portfolio managers ensure your portfolio is tracked, monitored, and optimized at all times

At Karvy Private Wealth, we offer both Discretionary and Non Discretionary portfolio management services (PMS). The basic difference is, in discretionary PMS, our fund manager has the liberty to take investment decisions where as in non-discretionary PMS, he/she suggests investment ideas, while the final decision is yours.

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