Equity Mutual Funds

Mutual funds by the definition are financial instruments where a pool of money is collected from many investors to invest in a range of securities. They are professionally managed to serve the objectives stated in their prospectus. Though Equity mutual funds can offer a number of benefits, they are fairly popular for diversification.

For business owners, mutual funds offer a great way to create long-term wealth while giving them the liquidity and flexibility to exit when they need to. Business owners can save on income tax by investing in Equity-Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS).

  • Equity mutual funds provide investor access to diversified, professionally managed portfolios at a minimum cost.
  • It is subject to industry regulation that ensures accountability and fairness to investors.
  • Highly liquid as it provides flexibility to buy and sell units at any business day.

Karvy Private Wealth offers a wide range of mutual fund products that will help you meet your financial goals. we have our own research team of experts in the field. The team constantly tracks the schemes available based on the stature and track record of the fund, the fund house and the fund manager.

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